Amazonite Earring

Amazonite Earring

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Amazonite is an excellent absorber of radiation such as microwave and electromagnetic transmissions. It can help filter thoughts going to the brain helping to boost intellect and intuition. It is useful during an argument to help you see both sides and make a sound decision. Amazonite can assist with grief, both self and experienced, especially when it comes to loss such as a friendship through words. Musicians and writers will benefit from Amazonite. 

These earrings feature stainless steel ear wires, Swarovski crystals, and Amazonite beads.  

Stones may vary slightly from picture due to unique qualities of the materials as well as availability of parts. We try our best to keep them as close to the image shown as possible. 

We want a future for our children. Vek and Zeal promise to do our best to promote using natural products and packaging that is recyclable. Our boxes are 100% carboard with 100% cotton inserts. Our envelopes are made of compostable bamboo.