About Us

Hi and welcome to Vek and Zeal!

So, you're probably wondering about the name, right? Well, Vek and Zeal are the nickname versions of our gamer tags Vekrias and ZealkSeven. Zeal is my 9 year old daughter. Though she helps, she doesn't actually work for me. She's too busy playing Minecraft. 

My real name is Kelly and I started this business in 2021 during a hypomanic episode of Bipolar. Yep, that's right, I have Bipolar. I also work a full time job and have my tornado of a daughter and my new, loving husband. I live and ship from Maryland, USA. 

It has always been a dream of mine to make and sell my own jewelry. I've always had a passion for it, but never quite knew how to get started, and quite frankly I've always been to scared to start. I mean, what if I fail? What if no one likes my products? What if..... Well, I finally said "SO WHAT IF!" to myself. You can't score goals if you don't kick the ball toward the net. So, I finally got up the courage (and some help from being hypomanic) to jump into this foray. I'm not gonna lie- it's a very steep learning curve and trying to juggle mom duties, work duties, and household duties and run this business has been tiring. But, I refuse to give up! So please, help me succeed in my dream of being self sufficient with my own business, won't you? 

And if you want to know the more crazy details of my mental health as well as crystal usage and information, please don't forget to check out my blog!